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With adoption prospects dwindling, owner surrenders increasing, and euthanasia looming, senior animals arriving at shelters often face bleak prospects. Our Old Blue Senior Wellness Program at the Carson Animal Care Center aims to rewrite this narrative, offering a lifeline to our elderly furry friends. Through a comprehensive wellness exam at our private vet, including blood work, urinalysis, and cancer screening, we become informed about the health and vitality of each senior animal, allowing us to set a path to wellness, including removing lumps and bumps, tending to skin issues, and, in rare occasions, complex surgical interventions. Whatever the best course of treatment is for each individual, we strive to provide these seniors with the care they deserve, opening doors to their second chance at a loving forever home and empowering potential adopters to embrace the joy of senior pet companionship.

Our hope with this initiative is that the Carson Animal Care Center will have the highest senior adoption rates in our area.

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