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Going for a Walk


A Dog Walks into A Store...

For many years we volunteered at the Carson Shelter. In 2021, an 8-year-old male pitbull named Blue was brought into our care facility by animal control. The story was that he had wandered alone into a nearby store, still wearing his leash. Blue had a microchip, but as we see all too often, his owner never came for him. We fell in love with the old guy and affectionately called him Old Blue

It’s common for older dogs to have some weakness in their rear legs and thus have some challenges getting up, mainly when they are confined to a kennel and seldom taken out for a walk. Old Blue was no different. After watching him languish in his kennel and momentarily struggle to get up, we noticed that his mobility would improve once he got out for a stroll or had the chance to explore the play yard. Old Blue was a joy to be around. His spirit lit up when he left his kennel and interacted with other dogs and humans. Seeing this, we asked the medical team if they could reach out to rescue groups that might provide him with a more comfortable home to live out his golden years, knowing he’d give abundant love to others just as he did to us. 

Instead of pursuing this option, the team issued a final rescue plea with a deadline: Old Blue must be out of the shelter within four hours or face euthanasia. This affectionate dog had years to live a happy life and had so much love to give; instead, shocked and heartbroken, this deadline became a reality - Old Blue’s life ended just 4 hours after the rescue plea went out. 

The Challenge

Old Blue’s situation made it abundantly clear that it is easier for the shelters to euthanize an animal than to help them.  While Old Blue was very special to us and those who interacted with him, his story is not unique.  Many animals enter the Los Angeles County Shelter system each year at such a high rate that it is incredibly challenging to provide these animals with the care, enrichment, and exercise that would improve their wellbeing and subsequently, their chances of getting adopted. Driven by the memory of Old Blue, we were determined to create an organization that would provide the care, resources, and advocacy necessary to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future. Old Blue didn’t need to die, and our goal is to ensure no other animal suffers like he had to. 

Our Mission

The mission of Old Blue Inc. is to advocate for the welfare of dogs in Los Angeles County, offering a lifeline to animals like Old Blue, who deserve our eyes watching out for them. Through dedicated efforts and collaboration with other passionate individuals, we endeavor to secure stricter breeding laws, more cost-effective access to spay and neuter surgeries, and create a future where animals in need can find the support and care they deserve. 


Old Blue Inc. strives to improve the welfare of animals who find themselves in the shelter system and to prevent animals from ever entering in the first place.


How You Can Help


Donate to support our efforts, Spread the word about the overpopulation issue, and/or Subscribe to receive updates on our mission and other ways that you can get involved.

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