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Imagine a world where every animal finds a loving home, and where treatable conditions don't mean an end to life. This dream fuels Old Blue Inc., an organization with a heart as big as

Old Blue himself, the wise canine who inspired it all.

Welcome to Old Blue Inc., where we're dedicated to funding medical care for homeless animals at the Carson Animal Care Center and actively addressing the root cause of dog and cat overpopulation.  

Our inspiration? Old Blue, a wise canine navigating shelter life in his golden years. His story exposed the urgent need for better medical resources for shelter animals, sparking the creation of our organization. We're committed to advocating for dogs in Los Angeles County and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

With our Old Blue Senior Wellness Program, we're rewriting the narrative for senior animals in shelters. By offering comprehensive wellness exams and necessary treatments, adopters and rescuers will have a better idea of a senior dog's health status, ultimately giving elderly furry friends a better chance at landing in a forever home. Our goal? To make the Carson Animal Care Center a leader in senior animal adoptions.

But our compassion doesn't stop there.  Through community education and the dissemination of effective strategies, we endeavor to diminish the influx of homeless animals into shelters. Our platform includes hosting webinars to facilitate the exchange of ideas and showcase successful spay and neuter initiatives. We're tackling the root of the problem by educating communities about responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering. Through informative webinars and funding for spay and neuter, we're empowering pet owners and saving countless animals from entering shelters in the first place, One Paw at a Time.

Be the reason an animal finds their forever home.

Be the reason a shelter cage stays empty for good.

Join us today with a life-saving donation.

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